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A Journey October 22, 2007

i should be honest that i wasn’t able to fully enjoy the overwhelming bliss of having a miracle inside your tummy during my first pregnancy.  i was more scared than happy then.  but after the initial hulabaloo of being pregnant subsided, i was happier than your usual happiest.

this time around, i cried with joy the first time i saw that miniature it with its equally miniature heart beating against my insides.  yes, being a mother’s happiness indeed cannot be compared to any happiness brought about by any material thing.

this blog will chronicle my journey towards that fateful day when i will become a mommy the second time.  And also this little one’s journey to that fateful day when he or she would cry the loudest as the world rejoices his or her arrival.


3 Responses to “A Journey”

  1. T Says:

    congrats!!! so excited for you!

  2. M Says:

    wow. exciting!

    i wish i had a mommy and/or baby journal, too.

    take care, kaith.

  3. Ate Ai Says:

    take very good care of yourself, kaithy dearest. be healthy, get enough rest, think happy thoughts, and know that you are loved. =)

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