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It Is Coming May 25, 2008

Filed under: just thoughts — Alveel Kaith @ 6:12 am

the thing about delivering a baby for the second time is that you already know what you’re gonna go through, especially in my case when i’d have another C-section.  with only four days to go before i’d have my tummy sliced again, i am torturing myself with horrid thoughts of enema, anesthesia and of course, the post-birth pain.

although it would be a great relief to finally release the little one inside me and feel light (and almost normal) again, i can’t help but be scared.  and it’s weird to be scared.  hehehe.  plus, the fact that i have to leave the little boy behind because he can’t stay in the hospital adds to my anxiety.  you see, i haven’t been away from him ever since.  well, since he moved in with us, that is.  i would have wanted him to be around but i know too that the hospital isn’t really a good place for him to stay in for four days.

so yeah, pretty soon the journey would end.  and a new life would have to begin for me, with my little angel.  ah, wish me luck.


One Response to “It Is Coming”

  1. jhamy woops Says:

    congrats and good luck! 🙂

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