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Mommy Thoughts on a Thursday April 24, 2008

Filed under: just thoughts — Alveel Kaith @ 8:11 am

i can’t, can’t wait for this ballooning tummy to burst already.  although we haven’t really decided on a date yet as to when i’d have the C-section, i’m still glad that we have scheduled our trip already.  it just means that i am almost there, i am nearing my long-awaited vacation.  which isn’t really a vacation, vacation, because i know that i am in for several weeks of more discomfort and anxiety.  but just the fact that i will be finally home, is enough to make me happy.

the supergirls have thrown a mini-baby shower for me, complete with diaper cake, flowers and dresses for the little one last night.  i was surprised in the real sense of the word because what i thought was an advance birthday celebration for T, turned out to be a baby shower for me too.  hahaha.  these girls do really know how make one feel loved and cared for.

now i can say that all pregnant women should have the following:  a willing-to-do-anything husband, a job that would help her forget unpleasant feelings and inconveniences for at least nine hours, a boss from heaven, and a bunch of fiercely loyal and fun friends to make everything all right.

ah, waiting is agony.  but i guess, this angel is worth all the wait and pain in this world.


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