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Mommy Woes April 17, 2008

Filed under: mommy woes,stories — Alveel Kaith @ 8:28 am

i have come to the point of my pregnancy where i everything i do is becoming a burden, a chore.  i can’t sit down without feeling that sharp pang of pain on my upper tummy, and standing up makes my legs and feet cringe with my upper body’s weight.  and i don’t even want to talk about lying down!  it takes me an hour to find a position comfortable enough for me and my tummy before i can asleep every night!

sometimes i fight the urge to cry here in the office, especially when the pain gets unbearable i don’t know whether to stand up or sit down or head to the clinic to lie down.  everyday is a struggle and God knows how many times i have bit my tongue to stop myself from complaining.

oh, can may come already?  i want to go home!


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