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No Sibling Rivalry March 11, 2008

Filed under: just thoughts,stories — Alveel Kaith @ 6:35 am

i used to have this fear that raf would develop resentment towards the little one because of their age difference, which is not really that big a gap, just three years.  i feel that we haven’t given our son the full attention he needs and wants because well, we are both working.  that’s why it has been decided before that we would only conceive when raf would turn 6 already.  but what do you know, since the second child couldn’t wait for its turn anymore, we have no choice but to overwhelm the firstborn with our affection until the time i have to give birth, because whether we like it or not, the baby would eat up all of our time once its here.

lately, raf has been more receptive to whatever’s inside my tummy.  he would kiss and bid it good night every night and would even rub it so it would kick.  last night, this little one made pakitang gilas to its kuya.  it kicked, swam, did cartwheels much to the delight of our 2-year old.  raf kissed the protruding part (i guess it was the leg) and told the baby, “sleep na baby.”  

it warmed my heart to see my boy happy with our upcoming bundle.  i can just imagine his excitement once it would come out.  i hope though that he wouldn’t pinch or bite the baby kung manggigil siya.  

i know raf would be a good older brother.  i guess it would be normal for him to feel a little bit jealous towards the newborn but in time, i am sure he would get over it.  he even refers to himself as kuya now.   now i know we have to work double time on our parenting skills.  raising two kids is no joke, it’s a job. 😉


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