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6 Months and Counting February 29, 2008

Filed under: baby development,just thoughts — Alveel Kaith @ 5:56 am

i’ve been terribly lazy the past days.  it seems that all i want to do is lie down and sleep and eat.  oh, i love taking a bath too because lately, it has been unbearably hot and humid also.

the baby has been very malikot as well.  it would wake me up at 3:00 am with its not-so gentle nudges and what we call “swimming strokes.”  even ppip can feel it kick when i hug him from behind while sleeping.  daddy would wake up at dawn just so he can play with the little one, touching my belly and talking with it as if it’s as old as raf.  it’s a sweet, sweet gesture that always make my heart swell with pride.

and oh, i have started lactating already!  i remember with raf, i was on my 7th month when i would wake up with my blouse soaked in milk.  yeah, it’s quite gross actually but i am also thankful that i have more than enough supply of breastmilk for my newborn.  my regret with rafael is that i only breastfed him for two weeks because i couldn’t take the hassle, the stress, and the mess of breastfeeding that i had to wean him  already.  it was so painful (plus i was also nursing my CS wound) and i had fever every other day because raf doesn’t feed that much and manual pumping was such a bitch that it was really torture for me.  i had to ask my OB for some medication to stop the milk.

three more months to go.  by next month, i have to start my delivery mantra.  i have to think of the worst case scenario so when that fateful day on june arrives, the pain won’t bother me already.  oh man.


One Response to “6 Months and Counting”

  1. mommyblogs2 Says:

    wow kasayo gud nimo ga lactate! you’re lucky other moms would trade places with you if only they have milk. you try to breastfeed your child. hope the pump i will give you will come in handy. you can freeze your milk.

    as in, sayo gyd ko ever since manang. lagi oi, i hope i can breastfeed for 6 months or even 1 year. i can just bring the pump at work. hehehe.

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