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Or February 23, 2008

Filed under: baby development,stories — Alveel Kaith @ 2:41 pm

i think we are gonna have a maarte second child.

i had the most-awaited ultrasound this afternoon primarily to check on the baby’s condition and also to know its gender.  and just when i was about to burst with excitement, the doctor said she couldn’t really determine the sex because my baby’s keeping its legs closed.

but she said there’s a high probability that it’s a girl because the area where her genitals should be is flat.  when it’s a boy, usually the area’s a little bigger and perhaps, i don’t know if this is the right term, swollen, if viewed through the ultrasound because of the balls.   also, a friend said, the a baby boy’s sex can be seen as early as the fifth month of their lawit.

so now, i don’t want keep my hopes high but i am happy nonetheless because the baby’s doing great.  it seems to have strong arms and legs since the doctor herself observed its swift kicks.

boy or girl, it really doesn’t matter but of course, i’d be very very thrilled to give raf a little sister so i’d also know how it would feel to have a daughter.  just to have the gift to bear children is a tremendous blessing.  it would be a bonus for Him to give us a female bundle of joy.


8 Responses to “Or”

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  2. chelski Says:

    kaith, kahilakon ko ani na entry..i love mommy blogs anyways=) esp. expectant moms=)

  3. Alveel Kaith Says:

    awww…ako pd chel, when i read other moms’ entries, ma-touch pd ko. hehe.

  4. Maldito Says:

    hope it is a girl sis…so that naa na kauban si ralph…ahhehhee..wish i my mom can give us a baby too…lahat na kasi kami malaki na…lols

    gani man para pair na gd amon. hehe. sus, kigan ka ni mama mo kay anay nga tapos na kalbaryo nya, padugang ka pa. haha. ikaw na lang himo. =p

  5. T Says:

    Kat, hala girl kay arte hahah! bitaw, pwde pa na boy if way makita. pero pag boy na murag wa nay chance ma lalake heheh =)

    hahaha. mao lagi oi, pirting panghipi kuno ingon sa doc. inig ka 8th or 9th month tan-aw balik oi. anyway, ok ra man bisag unsa. haha. nag ready ra ko 2 ka names.

  6. fillie Says:

    mura nig si Trini, di pa-li-li hahahah so we never knew. But within my heart I knew it was a girl…and I was right. 🙂

    naa diay ka baby blog!!!

    mao ba? nagtago2 pd diay ni si trini? yeah, dugay na ni oi. i announced it man through my iamkaith. bag-o pa diay ka diri? hehehe. welcome! 🙂

  7. isza Says:

    i am envious.. maka girl na gyud ka kitay. pa borrow niya ha.

    lagi oi, i hope and i wish pd mai na girl na kay until 2 kids ra ba mi. hehe. sure oi, pati si raf akong i-apil sa package, esp if kapuyan ko nila badlong. hahaha.

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