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Could It Be A Girl? Or Another Boy? January 30, 2008

Filed under: baby development,just thoughts — Alveel Kaith @ 2:41 am

i’ve wanted a baby girl even before i got pregnant.  but of course, another baby boy is still very much welcome.  what’s more important for us is to have a perfectly healthy and normal baby.

people have been telling me that i look unusually pretty for a pregnant woman thus the possibility of me carrying a little me.  but then, i wasn’t that ngil-ad-looking with raf before so i really can’t be sure.

lately, the baby has been too kiat.  it would sleep the whole morning then start kicking in the afternoon until late at night.  raf calls the baby’s kicks as zaido kicks, referring to the action-packed teleserye he watches.  my OB says it could be another baby boy, but she also counters this since there are also baby girls who move too frequently around.

i will have another ultrasound on feb 25, to check on the baby’s development as well as for sex determination.  i can hardly wait.


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