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Happy 4 Months January 3, 2008

Filed under: baby development — Alveel Kaith @ 10:21 am

time flies so fast indeed, especially when you’re pregnant. what used to be an unhealthy lump of fat in my belly is now a ballooning pregnancy. i decided to sport more maternity blouses and pants this time but it seems that i feel constricted and uncomfortable in them. i find it hard to breathe everytime my stomach’s enveloped in a maternity pants’ “basket.” i guess i have to go back to the basic maternity dresses, with an “oomph.”

my son used to be indifferent to this something inside mommy’s tummy. but ever since he felt the lump which faintly moved when he touched it, he became affectionate towards it. he kisses it goodnight and even hugs my stomach. i wonder how he would react once it starts moving quite wildly like he did when he was still inside my womb. hehehe.

i can feel my little one’s soft swimming strokes and faint kicks. the 4th month has always been the most exciting part of a pregnancy for me because by then i know that i have a live human being inside of me.  it serves as a reminder to be always, always careful and safe.  dili na pwede magkiat-kiat.  

the discomforts have all gone away, save for the occasional shortness of breath.  i am still picky with what i want to eat but then, i have always been picky and choosy.  the real problem is that i am back to taking vitamins that are twice the size of those i normally take.  effort na pod ito sa pag inom sa tambal.  

i find myself devoting more time in planning out my outfits since i only have limited options. i don’t intend to hoard dozens and dozens of dresses i can only wear for nine months.  and i am not also sure until when this preggy-looking fad would last. trust me to always come up with a fashion dilemma.  hahaha.

oh, to be pregnant and happy and to have a supportive group of people around you.  😀


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