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At 3 Months December 6, 2007

Filed under: just thoughts — Alveel Kaith @ 7:54 am

at three months, my belly is now a lot more noticeable and prominent.  it gives me the feeling of being truthfully and genuinely pregnant.  all the discomforts of the previous weeks are gone but i am still picky on the food i want to eat.  my daily budget has increased significantly because i can’t tolerate canteen food anymore so we always end up at either ayala or sm.

one thing though.  i am always sleepy.  and it’s such a pain because as much as i want to doze off, i can’t because of course, i am working.  i am just thankful because my boss is considerate enough to let me rest on some days i am feeling really lazy.  hahaha.  i can always ask for an emergency leave or undertime without any fuss.  but of course, that is if he isn’t that busy.  this week has been quite hectic, this being his last week in the philippines and all.  i don’t have the heart to bail out on him because i know he’d be swamp with meeting requests that he would need an EA to shoo away some people and filter his calendar.

every morning, when i look at my naked body on the mirror, i feel wistful.  and scared.  i mean, the thought of going through labor, and enema, and CS, and general anesthesia again is quite scary for me.  i cringe everytime i remember how painful it was to sit down and stand up for the first time after the operation.  dili gyd lalim manganak ha.

i will see my doctor on the 21st and hopefully by then, my baby’s heartbeat would be stronger.  the last time we checked on it, it was all fuzzy but the doctor said that it’s normal for its age.  i hope it is doing okay inside my tummy as i am doing my best to make it feel comfortable and safe.

i am hoping to be less fussy the next month but while i am at this stage, please bear with me. hehe.


One Response to “At 3 Months”

  1. mommyblogs2 Says:

    3 months down, 6 plus more to go… it will surely fly past you kaith! the next thing you know you will have a new baby.. suya ko! =)

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