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Carrying A Midget The Second Time Around November 23, 2007

Filed under: mommy woes,stories — Alveel Kaith @ 9:09 am

it’s true what they say that no two pregnancies are alike.  i am a proof to that now.  what i thought would be an easy second pregnancy because raf was such a no-fuss little something inside my womb turned out to be a misconception.

first, i battled with morning sickness sans the vomiting but more of headaches and dizziness for a good one week.  second, i am as lazy as the next fat-assed lady next door.  oh yes, i am naturally lazy but as much as i can’t imagine to be lazier than my usual self, i am exactly that.  raf has become my personal yaya.  haha. it’s a good thing he still doesn’t complain about fetching my water or my cellphone or my book yet.  third, i am constantly in discomfort.  i initially had the spotting and cramps, and now i have the colds and cough.  fourth, i am fat.  enough said.

with raf, i didn’t have to worry about morning sickness or any inconveniences.  except perhaps for a short bout with UTI.  i was healthy as a horse despite my grueling work hours.  i was constantly on the move as i don’t have anyone to depend on but myself especially at night when ppip had to work.  then the only part of my body bulging was my tummy!  i only got bloated on my ninth month but for 8months, i was as thin as ever.  sigh.

i realized that since pregnancy equals to conceiving another human being inside your womb, and since no two human beings are entirely alike, i can conclude that no two pregnancies are really alike or the same.  but why oh why some women have fairly easy pregnancies all the time? 

of course, i am being such a brat, writing this and all when i know i am quite lucky for several reasons despite having a slightly difficult pregnancy.

one, i have all the means to get my cravings.  i have money that whenever i want to eat dunkin, or sunburst, or golden cowrie, or cafe laguna, or gerry’s grill, i can easily go there and gorge on whatever it is i want to eat.

second, i have a husband who is at my beck and call and ready to buy whatever it is i fancy at the moment.  examples are apples, grapes, breakfast, congee, etc.

third, my son, inspite of his zaido-kakulitan is as loving and helpful as ever.  he gets me water whenever i have coughing fits and he kisses and hugs me whenever i ask for it.

fourth, i have very supportive friends who go with me wherever i want to have lunch on days when canteen food is just unbearable, which is 4 times a week exactly and don’t mind the extra expense on their part.  and those who let me ride with them to and from the office since our own vehicle is taking forever to arrive here in cebu.

ah, to be a pregnant woman.  more days like this ahead, i am sure.


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