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Mommy Woes November 7, 2007

Filed under: mommy woes — Alveel Kaith @ 6:34 am

mornings are officially my least favorite part of the day.  i spent my whole morning yesterday puking my insides out.  i was feeling woozy since monday and it became a full blown dizzy spell by the time i got home after the get together with the girls.

vomiting is definitely gross, much more vomiting only bile and saliva.  i don’t know if it was morning sickness, i never had it with raf so i couldn’t tell.  all i know is that the vomiting is brought about by the wooziness.  it could be vertigo for all i know.  and the saddest part is that i can’t take anything to stop the dizziness.

since i wasn’t feeling good, i don’t have the appetite too.  just looking at our canteen’s food choices yesterday was enough to make me go run to the nearest bathroom.   so i only had skyflakes and cheez whiz and tropicana apple for breakfast then i asked ppip to buy me congee for lunch since i wasn’t up to anything solid.  good thing my body cooperated so i was able to eat something helpful.

whiteflower menthol is now my best friend,  it helped me get through the headache and dizziness. just a few dabs on my temple and i felt better already.  i am fervently hoping the next days would be easier.  all these discomforts make the commute and work very unbearable.  i am thankful for officemates who let me have my way where to eat.  hehehe.

ah, pregnancy woes!


5 Responses to “Mommy Woes”

  1. luisa Says:

    small frequent snack helps kitay.. like your sky flakes. gamay nalang antos, it’ll go away in a month or two.

    eat gyud ug yummy but healthy for the bebe.

  2. mommyblogs2 Says:

    try tictacs or other mints for nausea it helped me before. sour fruits too hehehe!!! they say ginger helps too, pahimo ug salabat.

    for vertigo i think you’ll just have to relax and rest.

  3. kAiTh Says:

    yeah, antos gyd mai intawon. hehe. i have skyflakes and some biscuits here. dili pwede magutom. it’s a good thing i prefer fruits to junk food these days. hehe. thanks.

  4. kAiTh Says:

    cge lagi ko ask for candies here para mawala ang luod. hehe. but isn’t salabat yucky too? hihihi.

  5. mommyblogs2 Says:

    ginger is not yucky uy. mura ba ug ginger tea. imo i boil ang ginger. i think there is ginger powder available.

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