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At 9 Weeks November 3, 2007

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this is what my baby looks like now at 9 weeks. 

this pregnancy has made me more careful.  and it feels weird because during my first pregnancy, i was all careless and worried and i still traveled a lot that time.  eating has become a chore, i only eat because i have to.  all food, even my favorite dishes, taste like rubber.  only chocolates taste normal.  and i am not even supposed to eat a lot of them! the only good thing is that i like fruits more so instead of junk, i get grapes and grapefruit and apple for snacks.

by tomorrow, i will be back in cebu and i dread it.  it’s not that i don’t want to work anymore but just the thought of commuting again makes me all tired and weak.  i wonder, i wonder when we will have that vehicle so going to the city and back won’t be that taxing.  ah, 7 more months of this.  isn’t motherhood amazing? :p


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