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Moving Already? October 30, 2007

Filed under: baby woes — Alveel Kaith @ 1:45 am

the spotting’s gone  but the cramps persist.  i would like to think that i am perfectly fine and that the baby’s gonna be all right but still, a few fears lurk at the back of my mind.  last night, while feeling my tummy, i can feel something move, or more like swim, back and forth inside.  it couldn’t be the baby, could it?  it’s just two months old.  can it move as early as now?  my mother felt it too while calming me the other night when a terrible pain slashed my lower abdomen.  i need answers…


2 Responses to “Moving Already?”

  1. mommyblogs2 Says:

    yes, it’s the baby! hehehe! it’s possible for second time moms… first time moms couldn’t tell the difference between a baby’s movement and gas hehehe =)

    your little one is active alright, you take care!

  2. luisa Says:

    but two months is too early… don’t cha worry Kitay.. your bebe is perfectly okay.

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