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Getting Scared. And Worried. October 23, 2007

Filed under: baby woes — Alveel Kaith @ 3:44 am

visited the doctor yesterday for my ultrasound result interpretation.  i basically understood everything so it should have been a quick meeting.  except when i brought up the subject of my spotting and cramps.  of course, spotting and cramps shouldn’t be taken lightly since these two are signs of what could be a threatened abortion.

my OB checked my cervix for possible opening but thankfully, it’s closed and intact.  she instead gave me two medicines that will help secure the baby and relax the cervix to stop the cramps.  she was thinking of a two-week bedrest for me but since i get 4 days off next week, she settled to my vacation next week instead of putting me to bedrest this entire week.

i got out of her clinic smiling and relaxed but i got teary eyed while riding the shuttle to the main building.  i was, am, scared, of whatever the spotting and cramps would bring to me and my baby.  you see, i never had this kind of fear before.  i had a very easy pregnancy with raf, despite the emotional and mental stress i suffered for the first three months.  i was energetic and hyper then, i never had trouble commuting or walking.  this time, i get tired easily.  i think it’s mainly because of the two-hour travel i do everyday, plus the fact that i go up and down the stairs at home most of the time.

i am thinking already of putting a folding bed with foam at our living room so i don’t have to go upstairs to our room whenever i need to nap.  both the tv and the bathroom’s on the lower floor so it’s more convenient to stay there than in our room.  anyway, it’s always cooler in the sala.   also, i can’t go window shopping as much as i want to because it is safer for me to just sit or lie down.  i have to avoid going on road trips too, or driving, because it can stress me out.

ah, this will take a little “getting used to” for me who has been on the go for as long as i can remember.  being careful has never been on my vocabulary, much less being not kiat.  but everything for the baby.  for raf’s little brother or little sister.


4 Responses to “Getting Scared. And Worried.”

  1. Ate Ai Says:

    take care, kaith. ayaw pabadlong ha? when the doctor tells you to rest, please do.

    i wanna see you preggy! hehe.

  2. mai Says:

    the first three months is the most crucial time in a pregnancy. take extra careful with yourself. this is the time when you have to feed yourself with green yellow veggies and protein… if you need a nurse, dial my number..duha nami sa imong sis…hehehe…

  3. kAiTh Says:

    yes, i will gyd. i think it’s the stress of traveling two hours everyday to and from work. thanks ate ai. 🙂

  4. kAiTh Says:

    cge lang mai, im gonna call u gyd whenever i have questions. hehe. thanks au. 🙂

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